Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creating anOrthophoto / Orthorectification

In the areas of GIS data acquisition, visualization and general mapping, digital satellite imagery and aerial photographs have a significant place.Photographs obviously provide a solid visual effect. Imperceptible spatial concepts are more clearly understood by viewing the photographs. These are not photographs taken by ordinary cameras. These are very professional high-end cameras with higher zoom and clarity.
Another important role of these photos is to provide a foundation for collecting the spatial information needed. Data in the form of the satellite images or aerial photographs must be taken without any distortions, if you need to gather information useful for a mapping or GIS system in the case of roads, marine forms or vegetation.
This process of correcting the distortions of a satellite image of aerial photograph is called Orthophoto rectification.This process allows you to make direct and precise measurements of areas, distances, angles, positions etc.

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