Monday, November 9, 2009

Outsourcing GIS Services

Some of the problems facing by GIS service provider company for GIS service are competitive price, increased staff salaries, unavailability of skilled personnel, incapability to keep existing personnel, Increasing client’s demands, and dull earnings etc. All the above reasons make the companies to think about outsourcing.
Various points come into our mind while choosing a GIS outsourcing services partner .
The Key points may include
• Go through the services provided by those companies whom you are going to outsource your work.
• Analyze your needs and choose the company which can provide all your requirements.
• Go through their website deeply and understand their services thoroughly.
• Check the feedback and testimonials provided by the satisfied customers.
• Whenever you choose a company you have to check all your requirements. Otherwise you have to split up your needs to various companies which may not help to achieve cost benefits.
• The main idea behind the outsourcing is to reduce overheads and achieve cost benefits.
Some of the Outsourcing benefits are as follows
• Access to World Class Capabilities
• Cash Infusion
• Function Difficult to Manage or Out of Control
• Improve Company Focus
• Reduce Operating Costs
• Reduce Risk
• Resources not Available Internally
The GIS services may include
• Image Georectification/ georeferencing

• Geocoding
• Customization and Application Development
• Data Integration and data Format Conversion
GIS spatial analysis services
and Modeling
• Map Digitization / Vectorization
• Enterprise GIS
• Feature Extraction
• Web mapping etc

Then finally we can choose those companies providing quality output, 24/7 customer service, capability to understand the client requirements, deadlines, technologies & needs may be considered for outsourcing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What is Photogrammetry services?

We all knows that Photogrammetry is a remote sensing technology developed in which geometric properties about objects are determined from photographic images.
Photogrammetry is used in different fields, such as topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, weather forecasting, police investigation, and geology. Also it is very helpful to archaeologists to produce plans of large or complex sites and by meteorologists as a way to determine the actual wind speed of a tornado where objective weather data cannot be obtained. It is also used to combine live action with computer generated imagery in movie post-production.
Digital photogrammetry in GIS services includes Aerial triangulation,Aerial photogrammetry service, DTM DEM generation, orthophoto production and rectification, color balancing, Ortho mosaicing and tile generation, pan sharpening, contour generation, digital elevation model (DEM) extraction, 3D terain visualization, orthophotography services,geo-rectification services, photogrammetry service,Orthophoto rectification service,orthophoto generation,remote sensing services and LiDAR data processing services.