Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GIS Mapping services

With the companies emerging in oil and gas, everyone is looking for an edge over the competition. Having access to professional and highly accurate pipeline maps will match the difference between failure and success. A complete pipeline map will provide all information your company needs to rise in competition. Furthermore, SBL has developed GIS pipeline energy datasets that are completely dependable. To be a leader you have to be accurate and precise in measurements and it would not be possible i absence of a accurate pipeline map provider.
Mapping services can be further classified as mobile mapping which is a cutting edge technology applied by another feature-packed GPS. GPS receivers locate your exact position on land or sea and provide visual appearance through navigation and mapping software . We can also produce digital maps, a tracklog summarizes starting time, Ending time, time travelled, Number of waypoints crossed, Distance covered and the average speed. GPS mapping software products provide powerful and easy to use tools to extend the features of almost any hand-held GPS.
GPS technology provides tracking of live objects like lost pets by monitoring & tracking softwares and devices. This works with a device attached to the pet's collar, which emits a signal that can be picked up with a special mobile-phone-type of handheld monitor. Similarly mobile phones being lost can also be tracked.
Have you ever wished for an easier and more enjoyable way to find a hidden treasure site lost hundreds of years ago ?
An easier way to locate a structure that disappeared in the last century? Have you ever stumbled on a remote spot and wished you had a sure way to remember its location?
If yes, then GPS can help you here.
Other mapping services includes web mapping automation & Geodatabase Designing Modelling. By understanding geography and people's relationship to location, we can make informed decisions about the way we live on our planet. Successful businesses use Business Geointelligence.

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