Friday, December 12, 2008

GIS in India

Though not as popular in India as in the western countries, the term GIS and its applications started gaining importance in India. GIS can be categorized into three groups from the business point of view:

1. GIS Survey Professionals
2. GIS Service Providers/ Data Processing Providers
3. GIS System Automation Providers

Some companies engaged in the above three services mostly specialize in one particular industry segment or on one particular area. But, as an exception, there are a few GIS companies that provide complete GIS services.

This article might sound a bit unfamiliar if it is being read without some knowledge of GIS.

A Geographic Information System is “a distinctive form of database of the world — it is a geographic system with database (geodatabase)” which describes the world in geographic terms.

GIS enables us to observe, understand, interrogate, interpret, and visualize geospatial data in many ways that exposes relations, patterns and trends in the form of maps, globes, charts and reports. GIS answers questions and solve problems by analyzing the data we have and the information is quickly interpreted and shared.

GIS plays a significant role in almost every decision we make. From selecting sites to targeting market segments, from planning distribution networks to responding to emergencies or redrawing country boundaries—all these issues engage questions of geography.

If you are an active geographer or researcher and would like to get in touch with a GIS companies in India, do check the link given below for your reference.

The extent of GIS Services is unimaginably wide, and can be applied to each and every phase of human existence or to put it better " it perfects the existence of living beings".

If you are a GIS research fellow or a Geologist, you will find this list of GIS companies in India quite useful. They provide the best cost advantages possible and reliable quality. If you find it tedious to get your work done in-house, the modern era suggests finding help from external agency or business partnership/outsourcing.

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